I want you to want me

(I need you to need me.) Photography is such an important part of life and I am so glad that you are interested in my work. Relationships are a big part of what I do and how I create. With so many photographers out there, I want to make sure you and I are the best fit.



I want you

The real you. Not the fake, say cheese and look at the camera, you. These shots have their time and place, but those aren't the shots I'm interested in. I want to capture those moments that make you feel something.

To me photography is so much more than someone's ability to take a picture. Photography is about connection. It's about looking up from the camera and getting to know what you're all about, and then telling that story.

I want to tell your story, not the story of your Pinterest board. So chances are if you're looking for a photographer to just check off a box on your to do list, we're not meant to be. If you’re someone who values photography and likes seeing photos that spark a memory, then I’m the guy for you.